A Nourishing Body Cream for the South African Climate

A Nourishing Body Cream for the South African Climate

Finding the right nourishing body cream that works for your whole family can be tough. But, thanks to BioSeal, it just got easier.

What is BioSeal?

BioSeal is a herbal, nourishing body cream, created in South Africa, for South African families. Manufactured using some of nature’s most exceptional gifts, BioSeal seals, heals, and protects your family’s skin, and can be used by every member of your family. Through its blend of herbal ingredients, fruit extracts, and more, BioSeal is gentle enough to be used by almost everyone, and effective enough to become your family’s best friend. There’s no other nourishing body cream you need to buy.

Your family’s favourite nourishing body cream

Running between appointments, play dates, school, and the office means your family is always on the move. And, when you’re always on the move, you need quick and easy solutions to skincare that work for your whole family. BioSeal makes that easy, as a nourishing body cream that can be used for multiple applications.

Subtropical South Africa

South Africa’s subtropical climate means that the country enjoys a lot of sunshine, but the nights can get quite chilly. Although some regions of South Africa are prone to high levels of humidity, other areas of the country experience quite dry conditions. This often means your skin is left feeling itchy, lacking moisture and protection. Protecting your family’s skin from the harsher elements of South Africa’s climate is a little easier, thanks to BioSeal. Containing a combination of herbal ingredients, including Lemon, Calendula, Orange Extracts, BioSeal is perfect for helping your dry skin recover from the heat and dry air. Keeping your skin well-moisturised is easy with a nourishing body cream from BioSeal.

Soothe a suntan

Summer in South Africa often feels like a year-round season. Although the country cools down in Autumn and Winter, that doesn’t mean we’re safe from sunburn all year round. That after-sun sting can be uncomfortable, but BioSeal can help. Thanks to BioSeal’s combination of Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel, and other ingredients, soothing that suntan is simple. Working to heal your family’s skin, BioSeal takes the sting out of sunburn, and helps everyone recover from that unexpectedly warm day in the sunshine.

Every member of the family

BioSeal’s herbal ingredients make it suitable for use by almost every member of the family. Childhood is a time of wonder and exploration, but that means accidents can easily happen. Taking a tumble off the jungle gym, falling off their bicycle, and running into things happens so often, and always so quickly. Helping your child’s skin heal from a cut, scratch, or bruise, is important to you. BioSeal’s combination of herbal ingredients helps their skin heal quickly and easily, and it’s ever so easy to use. Don’t forget to chat to your family doctor or paediatrician about any injuries your child may have sustained while on the playground.

Daycare dilemmas

Of course, childhood is also a time for inconvenient illness and, as every parent knows: your child almost always falls ill on a Tuesday morning, and never during the holiday season. Rashes are an all too common illness, and they’re ever so easily passed when your child attends daycare. Containing a wide range of herbal ingredients, including Lavender Extract, that soothe the sting of a rash and promote healing, BioSeal is great for helping your child recover from an illness. Don’t forget to chat to your family doctor or paediatrician about any illness your child picks up while at playground or daycare.

Out, silly spots

Adolescence is a time for personal exploration, adventure, and when the social scene becomes a central focus point for your suddenly-a-teenager. But, as anyone who’s ever had to tackle an outbreak of spots will tell you, teenage acne and pimples are a firm obstacle to having fun. Rather than shying away from that school disco invitation, hand your teen a tube of BioSeal. Containing Tea Tree Oil, BioSeal helps to soothe that tell-tale redness that pimples love to create, reduce inflammation, prevent further infection, and keep new breakouts at bay. You might not always be your teenager’s best friend as they grow up, but BioSeal just may be. If your teenager is battling acne, don’t forget to make an appointment with your family doctor or dermatologist, as this may help too.

In the nick of time and razors

You’re in a rush to get the kids to school on time and make that morning meeting, so shaving before you leave the house needs to be a quick affair, dad. But that awful after-shave sting and the occasional nick from your razor really put a downer on your day. Don’t worry: BioSeal will help. Using BioSeal as an after-shave balm doesn’t just soothe the razor burn; it’ll also help to seal those annoying, tiny cuts and stop the bleeding. Containing Aloe Vera Leaf Gel, using Bioseal means you can say goodbye to those tiny little bits of tissue you used to blot a small nick on your face.

Stay moisturised, mom

Keeping your skin well-moisturised is essential for keeping the signs of ageing at bay. Locking in moisture and helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, BioSeal provides superb defence against ageing. Soothing and smoothing herbal ingredients, like Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, Lavender Extract, Shea Butter, and more, help to protect your skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. BioSeal also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, that smooth out and exfoliate your skin, without drying it out. The more moisture you can seal into your skin, the more youthful and smooth your skin will be.

Your active lifestyle

The family that exercises together, stays together. You know this to be true, and are always looking for new ways to integrate exercise into your family’s time together. Whether that’s taking the dogs out for a day at the park, or hitting the cycling trails with the kids, staying active and spending time together is important to you. Keeping everyone’s skin happy, however, is a whole different ball game. After a day spent adventuring, it’s easy to replenish any lost moisture or help little scratches and bruises to heal, using BioSeal.

Dry skin, sorted

As we age, our skin becomes more and more prone to dryness. Dry skin can be uncomfortably itchy and keeping your skin well-moisturised is key for staving off the signs of ageing. Keep a tube of BioSeal in your bathroom, for everyone to use, every day. Dry skin patches are easily sorted with BioSeal, as it contains naturally nourishing Beeswax, that seals in moisture and protects your skin.

Everybody, and every body part

Because BioSeal is a multi-purpose nourishing body cream, it’s suitable for use on almost every body part. Use BioSeal for your face, as part of your daily skincare routine, and you’ll soon see the difference, as BioSeal’s moisturising ingredients help you put your best face forward. Apply BioSeal to dry and flaky patches of skin, and they’ll soon be sealed and healed. Using BioSeal to moisturise your often-forgotten feet and toes will help too.

Actively nourished, healed, and sealed

Applying the right type of herbal ingredients and fruit acids to your skin is important. But, sealing those ingredients in, and making sure they can be applied in a non-greasy, easy way is a whole different step in skincare. BioSeal makes it simple, as Olive Oil Extract and Beeswax seal your skin to protect it from the elements, and promote healing at your skin’s cellular level.

Antibacterial antics

While moisture helps your skin to stay healthy and healed, a nourishing body cream should also help to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Combining a wide range of herbal ingredients, fruit extracts, and all-important acids, BioSeal protects your skin from bacterial infections and stops your skin from passing bacteria on to another person. Containing Peppermint Extract and other herbal antibacterial ingredients, BioSeal is your family’s best friend and favourite nourishing body cream.


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