What’s Inside - Aloe Vera Leaf Gel

It looks like a spiky, and not very friendly, plant, but the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant contain a nourishing, skin-healing liquid that soothes and protects your skin. It’s one of the oldest known healing plants, with a multitude of uses and properties. Containing more than 75 different nutrients, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is one of your skin’s best friends, especially when you’re faced with troublesome rashes, burns, sunburn, or inflammation.


Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties, and is a popular ingredient combined into wide range of body lotions, skincare products, and antibacterial ointments. With high levels of Vitamins A and C, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is often used to treat burns, acne, and sunburn. As a wound-healing substance, Aloe Vera Gel stimulates the reproduction of skin cells and can help to speed up the healing process.


Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is intrinsically moisturising, helping to defeat dry skin, and stave off the effects of ageing. Softening your skin, without clogging your pores, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel can also be used to soothe that aftershave burn, and helps to heal small nicks you may have sustained from your razor.


For treating skin ailments like Eczema and Psoriasis, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel is a must. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties help to soothe irritated skin, and prevent further rash outbreaks. Because of its keen anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel helps to reduce the swelling associated with Acne, and prevent further breakouts on your face and body.