Beware the “fake” hand sanitizer for sale

Beware the “fake” hand sanitizer for sale

Been shopping and then when you get home you have dry cracked peeling hands? Recently there have been many reports of hand sanitizer for sale that is not good for your skin!

Hand hygiene is recognised as an effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Many families have gone through numerous bottles of sanitizer in the past few months. Not all these sanitising products, that are flying off store shelves, have the correct proportion of ingredients. This causes damage to your skin and does not protect you as you would expect.

In this post, we discuss the damage that “fake sanitisers” can cause to your family’s skin. Just ask yourself if you, or your family, have complained about dry, itchy hands?

Sanitising is the new normal. Our children are sanitising at school. We are sprayed at the office, and when we shop and go to meetings. If you and your family are experiencing “the flaky dryness” the chances are you have used a fake hand sanitiser.

What constitutes a fake hand sanitiser?

Any sanitizer that has an alcohol content of less than 60% is fake. It does not protect you or your family. Additionally, too much alcohol can also be damaging. A fake sanitiser could have some of the following worrying properties:

  • Allergic reactions to the artificial ingredients used in hand sanitisers.
    • Experts have found that fake sanitisers often have less alcohol content and more synthetic ingredients.
  • “Mixed bottles” meaning half-used bottles are mixed with each other usually leads to a distortion of ingredients.
  • Exasperation of pre-existing skin conditions. In some cases; causing unusual colouring of the hands.

TIMES LIVE reported one of the products that did not meet government standards was used to sanitise shoppers’ hands at a clothing store. How many of those consumers and their families have now got damaged skin? A scary thought.

Alcohol-based ingredients are found to be the culprit of the rise in eczema and other skin conditions.

Massive pumps and multiple types of hand sanitizer for sale are flying off store shelves. Faster than you can say, Jack Robinson. Continuous use of these fake sanitisers can also lead to premature ageing of hands. Who wants wrinkly crocodile skin at 30?

BioSeal’s moisturising hand sanitiser is anything but fake! It has all the goodness of our BioSeal range of products made with natural ingredients. When tested it complied with the criteria of SANS 51276 (Antibacterial disinfectant) and SANS 51650 (Antifungal disinfectant) standards, which require at least a 99.99% kill.

What this means is our sanitising spray kills 99.99% of germs and our herbal ingredients adds moisture back into your skin!

Our hygienic solution for you and your family

Your skin is your largest organ. Is it not critical to protect every inch of it? Haven’t you wished that you and your family could have a sanitiser that acts as a cleanser as well as a moisturiser? This is what our BioSeal sanitiser offers you.

At BioSeal, we want to protect you and your family. Our sanitiser and all BioSeal’s other products are made with YOU in mind. Our herbal skincare ingredients are made using nature’s best natural and herbal ingredients.

Our products are derived from nature and offer long term solutions. Think about it.

  • What natural products have your family used in the past?
  • Did those products have any side effects on your skin?

The answer is probably no. You will not have to worry about having an allergic reaction if you use natural products.

Give your skin what it needs to heal and stay free of germs. Herbal skincare products do not damage your skin. They support the natural healing processes. We pack our sanitisers with herbal ingredients known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Not just a sanitiser.

Our product is a moisturising cream-based sanitiser. You are completely safe with our sanitiser. It not only protects you, it soothes and moisturises your skin after every use. Independent lab tests confirm that our sanitiser has 75.4% alcohol to be exact.


What’s more? Our BioSeal moisturising sanitiser has a 2 in 1 functionality. It both sanitises and moisturises at the same time! Meaning our herbal ingredients give your skin some much needed love.

The COVID-19 pandemic is fast gaining momentum in South Africa.

Communities are becoming more mindful of their personal hygiene. Applying sanitizer to their hands immediately after everything they have touched. By going through many bottles of artificial hand sanitiser, more hands in families are becoming itchy.

Our cream-based alcohol hand sanitizer for sale ensures that you and your family are protected. You will all come home at the end of the day, smiling, with soft, clean hands.

We offer, for families on the move, a “buy 4” and “buy 8” offer including a free gift, so you and your loved one’s can carry your moisturising sanitising spray wherever you may be. What’s more, you will all have soft hands throughout the day.

You are safe with the BioSeal sanitiser.

99.999% germs on your skin will be killed off – again a claim we back up with independent lab test results. Ask yourself: Does your current sanitiser pass all requirements to be classified as a reliable disinfectant? Probably not. This is yet another reason why our sanitiser is right for you 😊.

Many of our readers have asked if they can purchase BioSeal products from local pharmacies. They can be brought from a variety of stores. You can find them at:

  • Dischem
  • Arrie Nel
  • Kalapeng Pharmacies
  • Heerden Pharmacies
  • The Local Choice Pharmacies
  • Pharma Valu

Even though our hand sanitizer for sale can be purchased at pharmacies we prefer our customers to purchase online, especially during a pandemic. For many families, online shopping will replace mall visits until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

Stay safe and remember to keep your family’s hands moisturised and free of germs.

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