Buy hand sanitizer in bulk it will help while on the move

Buy hand sanitizer in bulk it will help while on the move

Have you finished a meeting during this pandemic and went looking around for sanitiser only to realise there wasn’t any left?


Demand for sanitiser has increased exorbitantly, especially during South Africa’s pandemic peak. Sanitisers in businesses, schools and communities are being used up rapidly.

What happens if you, your spouse or your child have no access to sanitiser during the day?


BioSeal has a solution.

 Our 8 Moisturising Hand Sanitisers bulk product, will have your office, community and school covered. They come in the form of spray bottles. There is no direct contact between the consumer and the packed product.

Additional advantages of spray bottles are that they:

  • Are simpler and faster to use
  • Will last longer 

Hand Sanitizer for saleOur BioSeal moisturising sanitiser has a 2 in 1 functionality. It both sanitises and moisturises at the same time! Meaning our herbal ingredients give your skin some much-needed love.

Not only will your hands feel soft, but they will also be left smelling like flowers as we use lavender, chamomile, lemon and many more extracts.


Where should sanitisers be placed in offices?

Building entrances and exits

One doorknob could be the cause of widespread illness in the workplace. If you think about it, everyone who enters a building touches the doorknob. Why not put a bottle of BioSeal Moisturising Sanitiser at entrances to these buildings?


Boardrooms are often packed with clients, employees, partners, and other visitors. This often results in the swopping of germs via handshakes. Have an easy-to-access hand sanitising station.  The room’s occupants will be able to rid their hands of bacteria before and after meetings.

Employee desks. 

Office equipment is a crucial germ transfer point. These items are touched throughout the day. Employers and employees spend most of their days at the office. This is reason to believe that work tables become “a germ hotspot”.

Bacteria can live on surfaces for up to three days. It would be advisable that a bottle of hand sanitiser be placed on each desk for a comfortable daily hand hygiene routine.

Food courts and staffrooms

It’s easy to ingest the germs and become infected with several diseases if food is consumed with germ-ridden hands. One of the dangerous places in an office or school building is the staffroom and kitchen. Having a hand sanitiser present can help eliminate certain germs.

Why not buy hand sanitizer in bulk to keep in your office or storeroom?


Where should sanitiser be placed in schools?

 According to Dr Harley Rotbart, author of Germ Proof Your Kids, “schools are germ candy stores.”

The Reception Area

Teachers, pupils, parents, and visitors pass through the reception office daily.

We recommend having a hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance to the office. Receptionists should encourage anyone to sanitise their hands before entering the reception area. This can prevent germs from spreading around the school.

The Library

Germs tend to linger in the library. Believe us; they’re not there to read. Viruses can quickly spread in reading corners, chairs and bookshelves. Having hand sanitiser dispensers at an easy to reach place can shut the book on the spread of germs.

The Classroom 

Germs hang about in classrooms by the millions. An apple a day won’t keep the flu away on its own. Pupils are constantly touching their faces and their peers’ faces.

The school-going age group is a very touchy-feely demographic. That’s how children easily share germs. 

The little ones don’t have the developed immune systems we do, so until their immune systems get built up, they get sick.”

Having a spray bottle of hand sanitiser located at the entrance to the classroom will encourage learners to use it when returning from break time. Children can stop extremely contagious germs and bacteria from entering the class by merely spraying sanitiser on their hands.

Having sanitisers in places where there’s a steady flow of foot traffic is a great way to keep hands clean.

Computer Centre 

Computers cater to a continuous stream of users. It is known that children don’t always have the cleanest hands, especially if they’re using the computer centre after outside break time. Schools don’t have enough staff to wipe down keyboards after every class during the school day.

Encouraging children to use hand sanitiser after using computers can help them avoid bringing contagious bacteria to the classroom.

We are sure you want to buy hand sanitizer in bulk. We are running a special. R30 off each pack of 8 natural hand sanitisers. Why not buy a box? It is the best thing you can do for your family, business, and community.

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