What’s Inside – Blueberry Extract Rich in antioxidants. Contains high levels of Vitamins A, C, and E. Brightens up dull or sun-damaged skin. Great for treating Acne. They’re your favourite midday snack, but blueberries are so much more than just a lunchtime treat! Blueberry Extract is packed with antioxidants, making […]

What’s Inside – Rosemary Extract Contains high levels of antioxidants. Rich in Manganese, helping to minimise the appearance of wrinkles. A natural antibacterial and antifungal substance. A natural astringent for your skin. The distinctive herbal scent of Rosemary is a delight all on its own. This natural astringent is, however,

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What’s Inside – Sugar Cane Extract A great tool for fighting acne and reducing the appearance of blemishes. Helps to keep skin well-hydrated and stave off the effects of ageing. You might think that Sugar Cane Extract is a bad idea for your skin, but we’re about to change your

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What’s Inside – Sugar Maple Extract An excellent exfoliator for your skin. Removes bacteria and dead skin with ease. Helps your skin to heal and regenerate new cells. Excellent for reducing and eliminating the signs of ageing. Sugar is not the absolute enemy when it comes to your skin, and

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What’s Inside – Orange Extract Contains high levels of antioxidants. Packed with vitamins and nutrients. Contains Vitamin A, Manganese, and Calcium. Excellent for exfoliation. They’re not just a sweet fruit to enjoy when you need a snack: Oranges are excellent for your skin too. In particular, Orange Extract contains high

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