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What’s Inside - Chamomile Extract

Typically taken in the form of tea, Chamomile Extract helps your body cope during times of high stress or anxiety. When it comes to your skin, Chamomile Extract has a similarly calming effect, as an excellent anti-inflammatory substance.


Used by ancient civilisations to treat burns, cuts, and wounds, Chamomile Extract helps your skin to heal, thanks to its excellent antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Chamomile Extract is renowned for calming down skin, making it an essential for people managing the symptoms of Psoriasis and Eczema. Chamomile Extract can also help to heal patches of dry, flaky skin.


Chamomile Extract is often useful for treating rashes, and similar skin conditions. Easily soothing and calming your irritated skin, Chamomile Extract also helps to moisturise and heal your skin.


Containing high levels of antioxidants, Chamomile Extract speeds up cell regeneration, effectively slowing down the visible effects of ageing, and tightening your pores. Similarly, Chamomile Extract’s antioxidants can help to soothe that after-sun feeling and help your skin recover from a nasty sunburn.


Chamomile Extract has natural antiseptic properties, making it a useful tool for arresting Acne breakouts, and preventing further breakouts on your face, back and neck.

If you’re battling to eliminate those dark circles under your eyes, Chamomile Extract can help. Chamomile Extract contains Flavonoids, which help to reduce pigmentation, eliminate those dark circles under your eyes, and smooth out your skin.


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