Look After Your Family’s Skin This Winter

Look After Your Family’s Skin This Winter

Winter has come! Your skin’s best defence against the chilly side-effects of the colder season, is a nourishing body cream that heals, protects, and seals.

Protecting your skin this winter

The colder months are famous for their chilly side-effects on your skin. Being prepared for the winter months is your family’s best defence against the cold. The best preparation begins with understanding what happens to your skin when winter hits, and then learning how to protect it. A nourishing body cream that protects every member of your family’s skin during winter is a seasonal essential.

It’s cold outdoors

During the winter months, your skin goes through significant changes, as it works to protect your body from the natural elements of our environment. As the cooler air dries out your skin, your skin battles to conserve moisture. You’ll need to keep your skin more hydrated than you do during the summer months. Using a nourishing body cream that locks in moisture and protects your skin from the cold is important.

It’s warm indoors

But if you think staying indoors might help your skin more, you’re sadly wrong. When you’re bundled up indoors, you’re more likely to use a heater to stay warm, or strike up a cosy fire for the family to enjoy. Exposure to heaters, fires, and hot water bottles can dry your skin out even more. Your skin can’t win during winter, so helping it stay well-moisturised with a nourishing body cream must be done.

Your winter face

Flaky patches of skin, dry spots, and chapped lips are things you’ve come to expect during the winter months, but they don’t need to be your skin’s uninvited seasonal guests. Stepping outdoors usually means you return with a red face too. As the cold air constricts the blood vessels within your skin, they dilate as you warm back up once you’re indoors. That gives your skin that sometimes blotchy, often uncomfortable, appearance that’s all too synonymous with winter. Soothing and moisturising your skin with a nourishing body cream is your skin’s number one defence against winter’s chill.

Avoiding dry skin

As we age, our skin loses some of its ability to retain moisture. The battle to keep our skins well-hydrated is the root cause behind the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and those annoying dry patches. You can help your grandparents keep their skins safe from winter’s chill with a nourishing body cream that seals in moisture and keeps the winter chill away.

Winter’s big breakout

Your teenager’s skin seems to be more prone to acne breakouts and surprise spots during the colder months. Funnily enough, it’s not actually the colder air that causes it: it’s the decreased exposure to sunlight. Acne bacteria run wild when they aren’t exposed to the sun’s rays, making your teen more likely to scream about their skin. Keeping your teen’s skin well moisturised, and making sure they spend time outdoors – yes, away from the TV! – can help to prevent uncomfortable breakouts.

Stop the strip

Finding the right nourishing body cream for your family’s winter skin can be made a little easier: simply read the ingredients as listed on the tube or tub. Any moisturising creams that contain ingredients known for stripping the skin of moisture must be avoided. To defeat dry skin, look for a nourishing body cream that contains natural oils, herbal extracts, and skin-protecting ingredients that help skin retain the moisture it needs.

A friendly acid

Many people immediately associate acids with dissolving, or harmful ingredients. But, in winter, there’s a particular type of acid that’s your skin’s hydrating friend: Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid is colourless milk acid that helps to smooth out and exfoliate your skin. Lactic Acid also helps your skin to retain the moisture it needs to get through winter. Keep a look out for Lactic Acid when you’re reading the ingredients list, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect winter-friendly nourishing body cream. Look for the green tub or tube on the shelf, and you’ll find BioSeal contains this all-important acid, essential for your family’s winter skin care routine.

Oil it up

Natural oils are another great way to protect your family’s skin during winter. And, while slathering on a coat of Olive Oil probably won’t make you popular around the dinner table, you can seek out solutions that contain natural oils instead. In particular, Olive Oil contains high levels of antioxidants that help to soothe red or inflamed skin. Packed with the good types of Vitamins, Olive Oil also contains Vitamin D, that helps your family’s skin stay well-moisturised during winter. You’ll find a healthy dollop of Olive Oil in every drop of BioSeal.

Soothe with Shea

A highly hydrating seed oil that seals in moisture, Shea Butter is a must for your winter skin care routine. By hydrating and restoring elasticity to your skin, Shea Butter helps to stave off the winter chill, and helps your skin sustain a protective barrier around itself. You’ll find Shea Butter listed as an ingredient in every tube or tub of BioSeal.

Stop the scratch

Dry skin doesn’t need to be a side-effect of winter settling in. Herbal and fruit extracts can help to soothe dry skin, and eliminate that uncomfortable, itchy feeling that we all know and loathe. Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Calendula Extract are four ingredients you should look out for, when searching for a nourishing body cream that’ll help stop the scratch. BioSeal contains a wide range of soothing herbal and fruit extracts that help your skin survive winter.

Big friendly Beeswax

Beeswax acts as a humectant for your skin, attracting water molecules towards its own cells. The big bonus of nourishing body cream containing Beeswax is, of course, that the water molecules it attracts end up in your skin. Another naturally moisturising and skin-friendly ingredient to look out for, Beeswax is a must for winter, and can be found in every tube and tub of BioSeal.

Around your home

Beyond buying a nourishing body cream for your family’s winter days, you can support your family’s skin in other ways too. Use humidifiers in your bedrooms to keep moisture in the air, and enabling your skin to absorb as much water as it can while you’re at home. In the bathroom, avoid soaps and body washes that strip the skin of its natural oils. And, to save water, energy, and your skin, don’t submerge yourself in a hot bath every night. Rather, opt for a lukewarm shower, as this is kinder on everyone’s skin. After your bath or shower, slather up with a winter-friendly nourishing body cream that everyone can use.

Now that winter has come, you know what to do: snap up a tube or tub of BioSeal, so your family’s skin stays actively nourished, healed, and sealed, this season.


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