What’s Inside - Sugar Maple Extract

Sugar is not the absolute enemy when it comes to your skin, and that’s all thanks to the Alpha Hydroxy Acids contained in Sugar Maple Extract. Sugar Maple Extract has quite similar properties to Sugar Cane Extract, and both are great examples of the important role that Alpha Hydroxy Acids can play in helping your skin stay healthy.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids possess wonderful exfoliating properties, that help to remove dead skin cells, eliminate impurities, and get rid of stubborn bacteria that may be clogging your pores. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a one-way ticket to revealing smoother skin. Similarly, Sugar Maple Extract helps to reduce the size of your pores, and tighten up your skin.

As an exfoliating agent, Sugar Maple Extract is far kinder on your skin than other exfoliating agents, like salt or similar substances. Thanks to easily dissolvable nature of Sugar, Sugar Maple Extract is gentle on the skin, while still getting the all-important job of exfoliation done.

Because Sugar Maple Extract works so well as an exfoliator, it can help to smooth out your skin, and works to remove blemishes and unsightly pigmentation.

Sugar Maple Extract’s anti-ageing capabilities are remarkable. At a molecular level, Sugar Maple Extract helps to support the production of Elastin, the all-important component of your skin that keeps it supple, flexible, and youthful.