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    And now, let’s tackle your pigmentation

    Pigmentation are those dark / red spots on your skin that just won’t go away. It makes you feel uncomfortable, right? And the only way to hide them is with expensive make-up, right? WRONG

    Over the years, BioSeal’s Herbal Body Cream and skincare products has help 1,000’s of people drastically reduce pigmentation, due to its high content of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Give the Aloe-Vera, Orange, Chamomile and all their friends some time to do their magic, and for all you know, you too can get rid of the pigmentation, and expensive foundation. For the best results, use this combination at least once a day: BioSeal’s Rose Micellar Water, then our Orange & Chamomile Aloe Toner, followed by a little bit Hyaluronic Acid Triple Fruit Serum. Lock it in with BioSeal’s award-winning Herbal Body Cream, which is perfectly safe and suitable to use on even the most sensitive parts of your face. Change your life, change your skincare, simple as that.

    Why you’ll love it: 


    • Balances skin texture and tone
    • Minimises breakouts
    • Alleviates dryness and irritation
    • Reduces hyper-pigmentation and signs of ageing
    • Promotes new cell formation
    • Ultra-revitalisation for ultra-radiance

    Rose Micellar Water:

    • Hydrates, revitalises and moisturises the skin
    • Contains antioxidants to strengthen the skin
    • Reduces signs of redness, skin irritation and inflammation
    • Fights acne

    Orange & Chamomile Aloe Toner:

    • Contain Vitamin C for an improved complexion
    • Contains Chamomile which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties
    • Helps form collagen and elastin
    • Contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals
    • Helps dry out acne
    • Is ideal for sensitive skin