Secrets of natural face products skincare routine revealed

Secrets of natural face products skincare routine revealed

It’s Spring! What better time to start using natural skin care products than now?

While some beauty trends may appear and disappear, there’s one thing that will never change, taking care of your skin daily.

Below, we give a simple daily skincare routine that you can use. This routine includes natural ingredients. Suitable for all skin types.


Step 1 – Wearing makeup? Remove it before anything else

For all the good reasons, many makeup brands are smudge-proof or waterproof. Basic cleansers do not necessarily get rid of all makeup. For this reason, it’s important to use a gentle makeup remover, Like Bioseal’s ROSE MICELLAR WATER before you wash—especially when removing long-wear makeup.


Step 2 – Wash away everything that does not belong on your face

Even if you do not wear makeup, washing your face at least twice daily is the first rule when caring for your skin. During the day, sweat, pollution, dirt, and other impurities accumulate on the skin. These can cause skin irritation, inflammation, breakouts, and acne.

BioSeal’s luxurious cream-based ACAI & GOJI BERRY FACE WASH is ideal for this. It gently removes impurities accumulated during the day, leaving your skin rejuvenated, bright, and visibly healthy.

The recommended frequency of cleansing is twice daily. Make it an everyday activity to wash your face and neck in the morning, and again before bed.

After an intense, sweat-inducing workout, an additional cleanse might not be a bad idea.


Step 3 – Scrub away

Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells which clogs the pores. By gently scrubbing off this barrier, it uncovers the fresh new cells below. By opening these cells, the moisturising products will penetrate your skin more deeply, which makes it way more efficient. A regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Use BioSeal’s herbal ACAI & GOJI BERRY MICRODERMABRASION SCRUB, STEM CELL ACTIVE SKIN POLISH or our 2-in-1 CUCUMBER EXFOLIATING CLEANSER two to three times per week and fall in love with your smoother, younger-looking and brighter skin.

Step 4 – Apply Toner

Toning should be done after cleansing and before putting on treatment, moisturiser and/or makeup,

Using a refreshing toner will assist and complete the cleansing process by removing excess oils and impurities.

Our gentle BioSeal ORANGE & CHAMOMILE ALOE TONER is infused with Chamomile, Aloe, and orange essential oil, which is rich in Vitamin C.

Chamomile soothes the skin and prevents redness, where Vitamin C is an anti-oxidising agent that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness that is suitable for all skin types.

Most toners can be applied in the morning and before bed. If you include exfoliating in your skincare routine, you might want to only use a toner at night or every other day.


Step 5 – That special treat


Face serums are lightweight moisturisers that can penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers to deliver active ingredients into your skin. Hyaluronic Acid can hold nearly 1,000 times its weight in water, which means that it acts like a magnet to the skin’s natural moisture.

BioSeal HYALURONIC ACID TRIPLE FRUIT FACIAL SERUM is packed with Vitamin B and a bouquet of pure fruit extracts. It balances skin tone, regulates oil production, minimises breakouts, alleviates dryness and irritation, reduces hyperpigmentation, and promotes new cell formation for a noticeably more radiant and revitalised skin.


Eye gel is wonderful to apply in the morning and evening to reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. It also proves to be effective to tightening the delicate skin around the eyes.

BioSeal MARINE COLLAGEN EYE GEL with arnica oil will visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles, and the pure extracts of marine collagen and super fruits will leave the area around your eyes smooth, toned and brighter and tighter


Step 6 – Lock in all your efforts with moisturiser.

A moisturiser is super-hydrating and should be a staple in all households.

BioSeal’s ACAI & GOJI BERRY MOISTURISER, as well as our STEM CELL ACTIVE MOISTURISER, locks in moisture while it regenerates skin cells.  You can feel fantastic about using it on the inside, and you will glow on the outside.

Apply natural acne treatment.

Below are a few of the many natural ingredients found in BioSeal products to treat acne:

  • Lemon
  • Aloe Vera,
  • Chamomile.

Lemon extract is a natural astringent for all skin types. It tightens up your skin, reduces the size of your pores, and clears out any bacteria left behind. It can also reduce the noticeability of acne scars and blemishes.

Lemon Extract contains Citric Acid. This is useful for exfoliating, removing dead skin cells and impurities from, and improving the appearance of your skin.

Citric acid is an excellent tool for combating acne, and the chemical form of it is regularly found in acne treatments.

Lemon Extract also contains Iron and Zinc, both of which help to promote healing at a cellular level.

Notably, too, Zinc in lemons helps to control your skin’s oil levels, thereby working to eliminate acne, and prevent further breakouts.

Aloe Vera is also frequently used to treat acne. This plant helps to reduce the swelling associated with breakouts and prevents further episodes on your face and body.

Chamomile Extract has natural antiseptic properties. These properties make it a useful means for stopping acne breakouts.

Like Aloe Vera, Chamomile also helps in preventing further acne episodes.

Rooibos can renew and revitalise the skin. This tea can be applied directly on to the skin to relieve acne and pimples.

Use rooibos tea instead of tap water when doing your daily face cleanses.

All of the BioSeal goods we are launching this month are cruelty-free skincare face products. Why not include some of these new BioSeal creations in your skincare routine?

All our products are made with natural ingredients. These natural components are suitable for all skin types.

Cheers to a healthier-looking you!

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