What’s Inside - Sugar Cane Extract

You might think that Sugar Cane Extract is a bad idea for your skin, but we’re about to change your mind. Sugar is not the absolute enemy when it comes to your skin, and that’s all thanks to the Alpha Hydroxy Acids contained in Sugar Cane Extract.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids possess wonderful exfoliating properties, that help to remove dead skin cells, eliminate impurities, and get rid of stubborn bacteria that may be clogging your pores. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a one-way ticket to revealing smoother skin. Similarly, Sugar Cane Extract helps to reduce the size of your pores, and tighten up your skin.


As an exfoliating agent, Sugar Cane Extract is far kinder on your skin than other exfoliating agents, like salt or similar substances. Thanks to easily dissolvable nature of Sugar, Sugar Cane Extract is gentle on the skin, while still getting the all-important job of exfoliation done.


Hydration is always important for your body, and for your skin, it’s essential. Dehydrated skin can lead to pigmentation, sagginess, and cause wrinkles. Sugar Cane Extract helps your skin to stay hydrated, by replenishing lost moisture, without making your skin unnecessarily oily.


Sugar Cane Extract also contains antioxidants: your skin’s best defence against the symptoms of ageing. It’s also useful for preventing breakouts of spots and Acne, and helps to eliminate inflammation.