What’s Inside - Tea Tree Oil

An all-natural alternative to a variety of chemical treatments and liquids, Tea Tree Oil has a long history of being one of your skin’s best friends. A popular ingredient for nourishing skin creams, acne treatments, and skincare products, Tea Tree Oil’s uses and purposes extend far beyond your skin too. Diluted Tea Tree Oil can be used in your home as a disinfectant, and as an all-purpose cleaner. It’s also useful as a natural deodorant and can help to alleviate the symptoms of fungal infections.


Acne sufferers have lauded Tea Tree Oil as an all-natural assistant, because it helps to reduce the inflammation associated with Acne. As a natural antiseptic, Tea Tree Oil can help to prevent the possibility of further breakouts, helping your skin to heal from Acne and similarly debilitating skin conditions.


As an antibacterial agent, Tea Tree Oil is an effective tool for helping your wounds clear up quickly and effectively. Useful for soothing skin abrasions, rashes, and wounds, Tea Tree Oil can help your skin to heal faster when you’ve been injured.


Renowned for eliminating itchiness and irritation, Tea Tree Oil is often found in insect repellents too, and can be used to reduce the itchiness and swelling often associated with insect bites, rashes, and similar conditions.


A great line of defence against the symptoms of Psoriasis and Eczema, Tea Tree Oil reduces itchiness and the appearance of dry skin.