Treat your skin with Anti-Ageing love | It Deserves Care

Treat your skin with Anti-Ageing love | It Deserves Care

Treat your skin with love and care it deserves!

BioSeal’s range of Anti-Ageing products includes the renewal properties of plant stem cells which combat the slowdown in cell regeneration and strengthens the skin’s tissue and elasticity.

Everyone wants to look and feel younger for longer. Our skin reflects our age which proves the importance of looking after our skin. Anti-ageing is a term used frequently within the health care industry today. The beauty industry is inundated with products each boasting these elements, ingredients, and active stem cell agents.

What is anti-ageing?

A term used to describe substances that prevent or lessen the effects of ageing on our skin. Our bodies are made up of cells, through the years ageing occurs when there is cell death. When we are younger are bodies are healthy and can quickly repair and make new cells. As we grow older, our bodies are unable to generate new cells.


Ageing is inevitable, but we can prolong the process if we live a healthy lifestyle, look after our bodies, and ensure we put in the right nutrients it needs. To prevent skin ageing, we use skin care products and ensure we follow a regular skin regime from a young age. It is never too late to start using products that slow down ageing and improve and revitalise skin quickly.

Skin Stem Cells

Skin stem cells are the source of the new cells found in the dermal layers. Activating and explicitly targeting the skin stem cells to strengthen and improve its elasticity and texture are all ways which can slow down the ageing process.

Guide to younger-looking skin

BioSeal is a versatile herbal skincare range that keeps your skin actively nourished, healed, and sealed. Our range of products includes specific natural ingredients that aid in promoting anti-ageing and specifically activating stem cells. We have some recommended products which should be on every bathroom counter.

Recommended BioSeal must-haves

  • Stem Cell Active Skin Polish: includes natural plant stem cells and concentrated extracts of hibiscus flower, apple and gota kula. These ingredients boost the production of elastin and collagen, which combats the signs of ageing.
  • Stem Cell Active Moisturiser: includes natural youth-enhancing components such as hibiscus and shea butter. Generating new cells and restoring your skin to youthful perfection over time.
  • Marine Collagen Eye Gel: the pure extracts of marine collagen and super fruits leave the area around your eyes smooth, toned, brighter and wrinkle-free.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Triple Fruit Facial Serum: packed with natural goodness in the form of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B and pure fruit extracts. Promotes new cell formation for a more noticeably radiant and revitalised skin.

Daily skincare routine

For best results incorporate all these products into your daily skin routine. Combine all four products at least once daily morning or at night. Our range includes more products within this category, look and see what works best for you!

Age is just a number!

Feeling and looking good has a significant impact on our appearance. Taking care of our skin positively affects our confidence, fresh and rejuvenated skin radiates our inner beauty. Let BioSeal be your skincare product of choice, with our range of anti-ageing skin products you are guaranteed brighter, younger skin.

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