Why Herbal Skin Care Products are Your Family’s Best Friend

Why Herbal Skin Care Products are Your Family’s Best Friend

Herbal skin care products use a combination of nature’s greatest gifts to give you and your family a soothing, healing skin care solution that solves almost any skin care problem.

Herbal makes your skin happy

Choosing herbal skin care products can have big benefits for your and your family’s skin. Not only do herbal skin care products help to keep your skin as close to nature as possible, but they also work to protect and heal your skin. Our modern environment and urban living spaces are, unfortunately, directly affected by pollutants and chemicals. By choosing herbal skin care products, you’re able to reduce the amount of chemicals your skin comes into contact with, and protect it from the harmful effects of pollution.


The art of yesteryear

Long before modern medicine became our first pitstop towards health, people used herbal tinctures and preparations to solve their skin care problems. As more and more chemical preparations came to the fore, the use of herbal preparations became less common-place. But, thanks to the rise of eco-friendly living and an increase in interest surrounding environmentally friendly practices, the uptake of herbal skin care products is increasing. Those time-tested ingredients contained in herbal skin care products are still helping families like yours heal and seal their skin. The deep knowledge around herbal skin care products has not faded through generations, however, and it’s now easy to find the right ones for your family.

Safe for sensitive skins

Because they keep our skins as close to nature as possible, herbal skin care products offer a gentle solution for skin care problems. Sensitive skins are prone to breakouts, redness, rashes, and reactions. Herbal skin care products help to soothe many skin ailments the natural way. Using a combination of ancient marvels and medical science can help to boost your skin’s resilience and ability to heal more quickly and effectively.

Great for your skin, good for the Earth

Herbal skin care products are manufactured using primarily natural ingredients, or suppliers adopt a combination approach. Reducing the use of chemical preparations required to manufacture a skin care product effectively helps the Earth too, by removing the need to dispose of harmful chemical waste, and ensuring that fewer chemicals enter our planet’s water and waste systems. Choosing a herbal skin care product helps not only your skin, but the planet too.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Chemically manufactured skin care products can deliver the required vitamins and minerals to your skin, but herbal skin care products do it far more naturally. Synthetic skin care products aren’t the best delivery mechanism to fulfill your skin’s natural needs, as they may interfere with your body’s natural systems. Moreover, herbal skin care products deliver the naturally produced version of vitamins and minerals, through their combination of ingredients. Vitamins and minerals aren’t just an important part of your diet – they’re vital for your skin too. Ensuring that your skin receives the right amount of those all-important vitamins and minerals is easier when you choose herbal skin care products.

Kinder on your senses

Artificial fragrances are often used to cover up the smell of chemicals in chemically-based skin care products. Herbal skin care products, instead, make use of herbal ingredients that are naturally fragrant and pleasant to smell. You’d far rather enjoy smelling the sweet scent of lavender over an artificial chemical: a quick trip back to your high school science laboratory would confirm this!

Long-term benefits

Herbal skin care products may take a little longer to show the effects of their work and ingredients, but they offer longer term solutions, when compared with their artificial counterparts. By giving your skin what it needs to heal, herbal skin care products don’t damage your skin over the years, and support natural healing processes.

Sorting out side effects

Synthetic skin care products most often carry warning labels, alerting you to potential side effects and possible skin irritations. Alternatively, herbal skin care products are – for the most part – side effect free. Unless you have an allergy to particular herbal ingredient, your chances of having to deal with unsightly or uncomfortable side effects are minimised by choosing herbal skin care products.

Staying on trend

Of course, living an environmentally conscious life isn’t just a trend: it’s a lifestyle. And, it’s a lifestyle we should all be choosing, as the effects of climate change and environmental pollution become more and more evident, every day. Choosing a herbal skin care product help you minimise your environmental impact, in a small but not insignificant way. Moreover, as lifestyle trends bend towards choosing more natural and eco-friendly approaches towards living, being selective about what you apply to your skin is remarkably on trend.

Herbal and fruit extracts

Herbal skin care products contain a range of herbal and fruit extracts that help to soothe, heal, and protect your skin. BioSeal, that keeps your skin actively nourished, healed, and sealed, contains a wide range of herbal and fruit extracts. BioSeal contains a number of well-renowned herbal and fruit extracts, that work to keep your skin moisturised and well cared for. These include:

Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Leaf Gel

Two of the most popular herbal ingredients contained in herbal skin care products, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Leaf Gel are renowned for their moisturising effects and skin-soothing appeal. Both contain high levels of Vitamin A, an essential vitamin that your skin needs to heal. Vitamin A contains Retinol, which stimulates collagen production at a cellular level within your skin. Collagen is one of your skin’s most important elements, as it helps with healing, and helps your skin stay smooth. Shea Butter also contains Vitamin E, that helps to reduce inflammation and soothe your skin. Similarly, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel contains more than 75 different nutrients, including a high level of Vitamin C. Vitamin C isn’t just great for helping you get over a bad case of the sniffles; it’s important for your skin too, helping to heal any ailments and boost collagen production.

Tea Tree Oil

A natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, Tea Tree Oil is the perfect all-natural assistant for anyone battling acne or skin infections. It’s naturally soothing and helps your skin to heal from injury. Tea Tree Oil is a popular ingredient in many herbal skin care products.

Peppermint Extract

The pleasant aroma of Peppermint Extract is just the start of this ingredient’s greatness. Peppermint Extract soothes irritated skin, and helps to reduce inflammation. Containing a high level of antioxidants, Peppermint Extract also helps your skin to fight off environmental damage.

Lavender Extract

Lavender Extract is renowned for soothing irritated skin and reducing inflammation, and it smells just blissful too. Just like Peppermint Extract, Lavender Extract also contains a high level of antioxidants and can help to soothe irritated skin.

Chamomile Extract

Soothing sweet to smell, Chamomile Extract is a natural antiseptic that’s great for treating burns, cuts, and skin injuries. Chamomile Extract also helps to heal bruises and patches of dry, flaky skin.

Rosemary Extract

Preventing the growth and spread of fungi, Rosemary Extract also possesses great natural antibacterial properties. It’s also a natural astringent, so it’ll help to clear out impurities, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

Calendula Extract

Calendula Extract is another popular ingredient found in several herbal skin care products. Also containing a high level of antioxidants, Calendula Extract is an essential for sensitive skins, reducing redness and inflammation with ease.

Blueberry Extract

Vitamin C is an important vitamin for your skin, as it boosts your skin’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, as it works to give your bones, skin, and connective tissues structure. As you get older, however, your body’s ability to produce Collagen slows down, so it’s important to do everything you can to boost those production levels.

Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple Extracts

Contrary to popular belief, not all acids are bad acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids remove dead skin cells and function as a gentle exfoliant for your skin. They’re found in nature, and specifically in Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple Extracts. Moreover, these extracts help your skin stay hydrated, without making your skin oily.

Orange Extract

Everyone knows that Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C, but they’re also big on Calcium too. The Calcium content of Orange Extract helps to boost your skin’s cellular regeneration abilities, and keep your skin from becoming too dry and brittle.

Lemon Extract

As a natural astringent, Lemon Extract clears out bacteria and removes dead skin cells, while replacing lost moisture within your skin. Lemon Extract contains two important minerals: Iron and Zinc, that help to promote healing at a cellular level.


Sealing in moisture and keeping your skin hydrated, Beeswax also helps your skin to heal, without making it too oily. Soothing and softening, Beeswax is great for healing cracks and alleviating irritated skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Boasting a high level of Vitamin K, Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces swelling and inflammation. Herbal skin care products that include Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an ingredient are also naturally rich in Vitamins A, D, and E.

The choice is yours

Choosing herbal skin care products that work with your skin to protect, nourish, and heal at a cellular level is easier than ever before. Choose BioSeal, and enjoy actively nourished, healed, and sealed skin.


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