Your Winter Skin Solution

Your Winter Skin Solution

Solving your winter skin care problems the natural way, with a herbal skin care product that’s suitable for the whole family to use.

Winter has its way

Sensitive skins shiver when the colder season sets in, and there’s good reason why. Winter’s cooler, drier air puts our delicate skin to the test, making it more susceptible to infections, flare-ups, flakiness, and breakouts. Adding a herbal skin care product to your winter skin care routine can help.

The sensitive skin shakeup

Treating and caring for sensitive skin can be tricky, but using a herbal skin care product can help. Using a herbal skin care product containing ingredients that don’t irritate sensitive skin is important. Natural gels and oils, like Aloe Vera Leaf Gel and Tea Tree Oil are important additions to your winter skin care routine, so finding skin care products that include those as ingredients should be your mission. A herbal skin care product that includes a range of herbal extracts that support sensitive skin is your best winter sensitive skin solution.

Antibacterial excellence

A herbal skin care product that contains natural antibacterial ingredients is a must for winter. Dry, itchy patches mean you’re more likely to scratch, exposing your skin to possible infections. Herbal skin care products often contain natural antibacterial substances, including Rosemary Extract. Rosemary Extract is a delightfully aromatic herbal ingredient, that contains a high level of antioxidants. As a natural antibacterial and antifungal ingredient, Rosemary Extract helps to clear up infections and soothe your skin.

Swapping flaky for fine

Dealing with winter skin problems means dealing with dry, flaky skin. Keeping your skin well-hydrated during winter is important, but helping to heal those flaky patches is just as important. A herbal skin care product that targets flaky skin problems, like BioSeal, should be part of your winter skin care routine. Herbal extracts, like Chamomile Extract can provide a soothing solution for flaky skin.

Turning eczema inside out

Winter’s harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your skin, and if you’re battling with Eczema or Psoriasis, this season can make flare-ups even more difficult to endure. A herbal skin care product containing Lavender Extract can help. Soothing inflamed skin, and reducing the itch often associated with uncomfortable skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, Lavender Extract is a must for your winter skin care routine. Similarly, ingredients with emollient properties, like Shea Butter, are essential for getting a handle on Eczema. You’ll find Lavender Extract and Shea Butter listed as ingredients in every tube and tub of BioSeal.

Spotty solutions

It may seem like your skin is more susceptible to acne breakouts and spotty patches during winter, but that’s not because you’re using too many oils. You’re simply spending less time outdoors. Acne bacteria thrive during the colder months, so stopping the spread of a breakout is essential. Peppermint Extract, a common ingredient in a herbal skin care product, is superb for helping to stop spots before they spread. Reducing redness, and soothing inflammation, Peppermint Extract cools and soothes your spots, while its antibacterial qualities help to stop breakouts from spreading.

Dash that rash

Winter’s cool air dries your skin and, as the moisture content in your skin decreases, it becomes more susceptible to irritating rashes and inflammation. Of course, if your skin is of the sensitive sort, you may be even more prone to developing irritating rashes during winter, and more so than in any other season. A herbal skin care product that protects your skin and provides it with the moisture it needs to make it through winter can be great solution. Your winter skin woes can be solved with a herbal skin care product that contains excellent moisturising ingredients. Herbal extracts like Chamomile Extract can help. You’ll find a soothing serving of it in every tub and tube of BioSeal.

A winter burn

Many of associate a burn with the blazing sun, but your skin remains just as susceptible to burns during the winter months. A combination of cold wind and dry skin can cause the most uncomfortable winter burn. Soothing it by using a herbal skin care product can help. A herbal skin care product containing Calendula Extract should be your first choice. This natural soother of a herbal extract contains Lutein and Beta-Carotene: two antioxidants that work to prevent damage at a cellular level within your skin. Reducing redness and helping your skin to heal from a winter burn, Calendula Extract is a winter skin care wonder.

An unfriendly chap

Chapped lips and hands are a terribly uncomfortable side-effect of the winter chill. Gone are the soft and smooth hands of summer, only to be replaced by flaky, dry and cracked knuckles and palms that nobody wants to hold. Keeping your hands smooth and squeeze-friendly can be done by using a herbal skin care product that ensures your hands stay well-moisturised. Herbal extracts, combined with excellently moisturising ingredients like Olive Oil, will help. Herbal extracts that contain Vitamin A provide that sweet soothing you need for your chapped lips. You’ll find oodles of Vitamin A in Peppermint Extract, an important ingredient for BioSeal.

Exfoliate every season

Sloughing off skin cells when you’re trying to help your skin retain moisture may seem a little mad, but exfoliation is just as important in winter as it is during any other season. Because your skin dries out more quickly and easily during winter, you’ll need to eliminate the additional dead skin cells, giving your skin a chance to breathe and heal. Regularly exfoliating your skin supports cell regeneration, and will help to get rid of those unsightly dry patches on your face and body. A herbal skin care product that helps your skin slough off dead skin cells is a winter survival must. BioSeal, containing herbal and fruit extracts that are natural exfoliants, helps to support this skin smoothing process, and support cell regeneration.

Solving your winter skin problems is simple: Add a slathering of BioSeal to your winter skin care routine, and bid farewell to those winter skin care worries.


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